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We love our lawn greetings / yard cards business. It is so much fun surprising people for their birthdays or other special occasions or welcoming home a new baby. Give us a call at 727-687-8111. Instead of a card, let Flock-n-Surprise SURPRISE 'em in the Yard!! "Like" and SHARE our FACEBOOK page


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Friday, December 19, 2008

Smiley Face Lawn Signs - 727-687-8111

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111. Call us today and reserve your lawn greeting.


Smiley Face Lawn Greetings - 727-687-8111

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 will sneak into the yard of the recipient and set up a lawn greeting in Pinellas County and parts of Hillsborough and Pasco County Florida.

Starting at $80 in Largo, Seminole, Belleair, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.


Birthday Lawn Skunk Signs - 727-687-8111 - Largo, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise will *flock* 'em, frog 'em, herd 'em, hug 'em and even skunk 'em.

Call us today to reserve a display for your next "victim."

Presents are soon forgotten, flowers wilt and die. This time, instead of a card, surprise 'em in the yard.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday Lawn Greetings 727-687-8111 Birthday Herd of Cows - Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

A lawn greeting is a fun prank you can play on someone for any occasion. Flock-n-Surprise will secretly place a lawn greeting of your choice in the recipient's yard for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. It's a great lawn display gag gift. Choose from flamingos, pigs, cows, beer mugs, skunks, balloons, golf ball displays, happy faces, buzzards, hearts, sports displays, "over the hill" displays and so much more. Be sure to visit our website to pick the display for your next victim. www.flocknsurprise.com

Friday, December 12, 2008

Beer Mugs to say Happy Birthday - Largo, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise (727-687-8111) will set up the display for your "victim." Call today and tell us that you want to "flock" someone!!!


*PINK FLAMINGOS* - Birthday Lawn Greeting - St. Petersburg, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise (727-687-8111)says *PINK FLAMINGOS* ROCK!!!!


Join in the fun!!! Book a *lawn greeting* for your next occasion.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Largo, Florida - Happy Birthday Lawn Decorations....or...HOPPY Birthday

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 wished someone a "Hoppy Birthday" with the frog *birthday lawn decorations*. visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com

Birthday Road Signs - Stop Getting Old - *Birthday Lawn Decorations* - Dunedin, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 with another satisfied customer in Dunedin, Florida.

Cindy's friends really played a "gotcha" on her birthday. Not only did they order the *stop getting Old* road signs, they added the buzzard birthday signs to go with it. What a cute display. While Flock-n-Surprise mixes *critters* all the time, it has never mixed these two displays. We think it turned out great!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*Pink Flamingos* are HOT HOT HOT - Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 - Palm Harbor, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 has received so many requests for the classic pink flamingo lawn ornaments lately, that it has been hard to keep up. Last night, we took the birthday display out of this lawn in Palm Harbor, Florida

and then put them in this lawn in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tomorrow morning, the cute little birds will be traveling to Dunedin, Florida to make an appearance for another 40th birthday!!

Flock-n-Surprise - Seminole, Florida *Birthday Lawn Greetings*

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 rents Buzzard birthday lawn displays for all the milestone birthdays. It's a great gag gift for every age!! Starting at $80!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

*Birthday Lawn Decorations* - Odessa, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 sets up funny displays in the yard to surprise the recipients. Great Gag Gift for 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th birthday. The bras are cute...showing the recipient that "we support you growing older."


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