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We love our lawn greetings / yard cards business. It is so much fun surprising people for their birthdays or other special occasions or welcoming home a new baby. Give us a call at 727-687-8111. Instead of a card, let Flock-n-Surprise SURPRISE 'em in the Yard!! "Like" and SHARE our FACEBOOK page


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Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Year Old Birthday Party Decorations - Palm Harbor, Lansbrook, Florida - cupcakes and candles with balloons and party smiley faces

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111


We love setting up lawn greetings to make that birthday party extra special. People of all ages, except for the uptight and repressed, LOVE getting flocked for their birthday!!! Cupcakes and candles, or even princess crowns, are perfect for the younger girls; however, we've had a few requests for princess crowns for the MATURE DIVA of the house, as well.

Instead of a Card, Surprise 'em in the Yard!!!!

Yes, our camera is still broken so our daytime shots are NOT good. We know. We will get a new camera soon.....on an off day. We just haven't had an off day yet, thanks to all our wonderful customers!!

Bra Lawn Ornaments - 30th Birthday Lawn Decorations - Largo, Florida - Great Gag Gift

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111


GOTCHA!!!! Instead of a card, Surprise 'em in the Yard!!

Reserve your lawn greeting for that special someone today!!

Cupcakes and Candles for 13th birthday - Lawn Greeting - Seminole, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 sets up lawn greetings / yard cards for unsuspecting recipients.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday - Belleair, Florida - Lawn Decorations

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 sets up lawn decorations for birthday parties for adults and children. We also have storks to welcome home new babies.


We service Pinellas County, Florida, including Belleair, Largo, Seminole, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Pinellas Park and the beaches.

Scott demands a recount in St. Petersburg, Florida - Happy 40th Gag Gift - Birthday Lawn Ornaments

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 set up an a-frame sign and a Happy Birthday display consisting of candles, balloons and "I Demand a Recount" medallions in Scott's yard for his 40th birthday!!! The sign read "Lordy, Lordy. Scott is 40!" This is a great gag gift for any occasion. www.flocknsurprise.com

Happy 80th Birthday to Marie in Largo, Florida - Pink Cool Flamingos - Gag Gift

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 (www.flocknsurprise.com) set up the cool flamingos this time in Largo, Florida to wish Marie a happy 80th birthday!!!

Happy 80th Birthday - Highland Lakes in Palm Harbor, Florida - Plastic Pink Flamingos - Gag Gift for a lady who has everything!!

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 flocked Ruth for her 80th birthday!!! "My kids do something great for me every year," she said. Ruth loved her pink plastic flamingos, as did all the residents at Highland Lakes. Ruth's flocked yard was the talk of her party!!


Flamingo Birthday Lawn Ornaments - St. Petersburg, Florida - 50th Birthday

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 was sneaking around in the yards in St. Petersburg, Florida again setting up plastic pink flamingos. She got flocked for her 50th birthday!!!

visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com

Buzzard Birthday Lawn Greeting - Treasure Island, Florida - 50th Birthday Gag Gift

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 was hired to flock Marc before he could come home from work on his lunch hour. Unfortunately, our camera didn't work well for this daytime shot, but we did get a short video!!! Visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com

Buzzard Lawn Ornaments - 50th Birthday Party Decorations - Largo, Florida - birthday gag gift

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 was hired by Dan's wife!!! We think she may have mentioned something about "Paybacks being hell", but we can't be certain.

Do you have someone you would like to pay back for a birthday GOTCHA???

Contact Flock-n-Surprise at www.flocknsurprise.com today!!

Birthday Lawn Decorations for 50th Birthday Party - Shore Acres - St. Petersburg, Florida - Gag Gift

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 visited Shore Acres in St. Petersburg, Florida to set up the birthday bra display for Alice!!! You see, her friends wanted to show their support for Alice growing older!! Hilarious!!!

Rent a birthday lawn greeting from Flock-n-Surprise. Visit www.flocknsurprise.com today!!

Holy Cow - Dad's 50 Now - Seminole, Florida - Birthday Lawn Decorations

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 was hired by Peter's wife and kids to wish him a happy 50th birthday in a way I'm sure he won't soon forget. HOLY COW!!! 50? REALLY???

www.flocknsurprise.com - Call now and reserve birthday lawn decorations for your next party. Instead of a card, surprise 'em in the yard!!!

50th Birthday Lawn Greeting - Pinellas Park, Florida - Beer Mugs and Drunk Cows - Birthday Lawn Ornaments

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 set up the drunk cow and beer mug lawn greeting display for Dave's 50th birthday surprise in Pinellas Park, Florida. What a great gag gift!!! This display overshadowed the Christmas decorations, don't you think??

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