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We love our lawn greetings / yard cards business. It is so much fun surprising people for their birthdays or other special occasions or welcoming home a new baby. Give us a call at 727-687-8111. Instead of a card, let Flock-n-Surprise SURPRISE 'em in the Yard!! "Like" and SHARE our FACEBOOK page


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It STINKS getting OLD!!! Birthday Party Lawn Decorations / Ornaments - Longwood, Florida - Flock-n-Surprise 321-430-6454

Flock-n-Surprise 321-430-6454 was sneaking around this yard at 5:30 a.m. setting up the skunks for Pete's birthday!!! It was a total surprise from his wife. Visit our website for more ideas at www.flocknsurprise.com

Flock-n-Surprise - 727-687-8111 - Established in Largo Florida in 2007. Same owners.

Birthday Lawn Greeting / Lawn Ornaments - Seminole, Florida - Great GAG gift for the person who has everything!!!!

One of the most popular lawn greetings is the Road Sign Lawn Greeting. Just when the birthday person least expects it,
Flock-n-Surprise (727-687-8111) sets up late night or early morning for the best surprise. a GREAT gag gift for the person who has everything. More memorable than a card and never gets returned!!! Shout out "STOP GETTING OLD" with the traffic sign birthday lawn ornament display. Fun for the entire neighborhood.

Many displays to choose from.

Visit www.flocknsurprise.com

Happy First Birthday Princess - Princess Crowns lawn display / lawn ornaments - Longwood, Florida 727-687-8111

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 loves to set up the princess crown display for princesses of all ages!!!

Reserve this display today or visit our website for more ideas. www.flocknsurprise.com

Flock-n-Surprise - 727-687-8111 - Established in Largo Florida in 2007. Same owners.

Lawn Greetings Lawn Decorations for Largo Florida - Birthday Gag Gift Drinking Cow / Beer Mug Lawn Signs 727-687-8111

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 was hired by the spouse to set up this lawn greeting display. Drinking Cow / Beer Mug Lawn Ornaments are great as a birthday gag gift. Give us a call and reserve your display or visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com for more information.

Many displays to choose from including cows, pigs, flamingoes, chickens, baby storks, frogs, hearts and MORE!!

Flock-n-Surprise - 727-687-8111 - Established in Largo Florida in 2007. Same owners.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 Birthdays, Babies, and Congrats to Graduates!!!

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE 727-687-8111

What a month Flock-n-Surprise has had!! We have welcomed babies and said congrats to the 2011 GRADS!! AND as usual, we have helped celebrate birthdays along the way!!! Call us at 727-687-8111, whatever your occasion may be, and we will design a lawn greeting for it. Choose from cows, buzzards, smiley faces, baby bottles and much MORE!!

Flock-n-Surprise - 727-687-8111 - Established in Largo Florida in 2007. Same owners.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 Buzzard Lawn Ornaments show up in a Largo, Florida Lawn as a 40th Birthday Gag Gift!!!

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE (727-687-8111) was contracted to set up this surprise for a guy's 40th birthday!!! The Lawn Ornaments were a GAG gift, a 40th birthday surprise, and FUN for the entire neighborhood. Visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com

Flock-n-Surprise - 727-687-8111 - Established in Largo Florida in 2007. Same owners.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Old Buzzard - Happy Birthday Yard Card / Lawn Ornaments - Gag Gift - Largo / Seminole Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111


Buzzards are our 2nd best renter!!! Perfect for that 40th, 50th, 60th birthday!!

Call today!!

Congratulations Class of 2011 - Dunedin, Florida - Happy Graduation Smiley Faces - Lawn Greetings

Call Flock-n-Surprise at 727-687-8111 to schedule your graduation smiley faces lawn display for your graduation party!!


This display is rented constantly during graduation season. Book early!!!

Holy Cow - Happy Anniversary - Pinellas Park, Florida - Lawn Greeting / Yard Card

Call Flock-n-Surprise at 727-687-8111 to set up a lawn greeting to help celebrate your milestone anniversary (or birthday or baby's birth). It's fun for the recipient as well as the entire neighborhood. Call us today. We service Pinellas County Florida, including Largo, Seminole, Belleair, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Florida and MORE!!


40th Birthday Gag Gift - Pink Flamingos Yard Card Lawn Greeting - St. Petersburg, Florida

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE 727-687-8111 sets up flamingo lawn greeting displays in the recipient's yard to celebrate occasions, such as 40th Birthdays!! A great gag for a sister, in this case. Call now to reserve a lawn greeting for your special someone.

Visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Owned and Operated Lawn Greeting / Yard Card Business in Pinellas County, Florida - Birthday Lawn Ornaments - Seminole, Clearwater, Largo, FL

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 - Prices starting at $80!!!

Largo, Seminole, Indian Rocks Beach currently $80 for 1 large sign and 25 smaller signs or critters. (prices subject to change)

Cupcake Display - Cupcake Sign reads "Happy Birthday" - can add pink flamingos - St. Petersburg, Florida

Golf Ball Display for the Old Duffer - A-frame sign - Clearwater, Florida

Buzzard Birthday Gag - Every 40 year old man needs to get flocked with buzzards on his birthday!!! It's a real HOOT....a great gag that won't be forgotten.

Flock-n-Surprise in Largo, Florida is family owned and operated. We started our business in 2007 when our 2nd child was born. We now have 3 precious children. We operate our business around our busy schedule that comes with having 3 children. When we are out of town with the children, we are closed. When either my husband or I are out of town, rather than getting the kids up at 4-5 a.m., we flock in the daytime hours only. We love that we can take our children with us to help us with flocks (jobs). It truly is a FAMILY business.

Lawn Greetings / Yard Cards - Seminole, Largo, Belleair Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 - flocking Pinellas County, Florida since 2007!!!

Here are some photos from flocks this year 2011. We've been busy, but I haven't had time to blog each flock as I had done prior to baby girl's birth!! It is funny how one tiny baby can get me so far behind in blogging. I am playing CATCH UP so stay tuned for more pictures of flocks since November.


Drunk Cows and Beer Mugs and A-frame sign - Clearwater, Florida

2D cool pink flamingos and A-frame Birthday sign - Seminole, Florida

3D plastic pink flamingos and flamingo character sign - birthday lawn greeting - Belleair, Florida

Drunk Cows and Beer Mugs with Black Clouds - 50th birthday surprise - Seminole, Florida

Birthday Buzzard with Hogs and Kisses (pigs and hearts) for birthday gag - Treasure Island - St. Petersburg, Florida

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