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We love our lawn greetings / yard cards business. It is so much fun surprising people for their birthdays or other special occasions or welcoming home a new baby. Give us a call at 727-687-8111. Instead of a card, let Flock-n-Surprise SURPRISE 'em in the Yard!! "Like" and SHARE our FACEBOOK page


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary - Largo, Florida - Lawn Greetings

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 was asked to put a mixture of items in the yard of this special couple, specifically hearts, balloons, stars and lawn letters. The rest of it was left up to us. This is a Flock-n-Surprise original!!! We think it turned out quite nice. The couple and the sender LOVED it!!! and the entire neighborhood honked to help celebrate their golden wedding anniversary!!!

We couldn't fit this flock all in one picture.

Celebrating 50 years of marriage!!!! Congratulations!!!

Buzzards for a 50th Birthday Gag Gift in Clearwater, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 gets a lot of miles out of the buzzard lawn display, especially for men turning 50!!!! Most of them get a kick out of it. We've only had a couple of old fuddy - duddies who can't take a joke. #1 for deciding whether or not to flock someone.....know if they have a sense of humor; however, IF in doubt, GO FOR IT. Flock them before they flock you!!!!

Birthday Cow Lawn Ornaments - Harbor Bluffs, Largo, Florida - with FROST on the ground!!!

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 set up the cow lawn ornaments for Don on Friday. It was a really really cold 4:45 a.m. wake up call. Don was first on the list of 4 flocks so there wasn't time to waste.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Cow - An Udder Year Older!!!!! Cow lawn greeting birthday sign display - Clearwater, Florida - Have you heard the mooooooooos???

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 got a last minute call today and again, we delivered!!! Happy Birthday Mary!!!!

Welcome Home Another New Baby Boy with Stork signs and Baby Bottles in Dunedin, Florida - Yard signs / lawn greetings

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 had the privilege of welcoming home another new baby boy today!! Boys are a blessing. Are you expecting a new baby? Call us today to reserve a display to announce the arrival of your bundle of joy!!!!

A keepsake star, which is personalized with the baby's name, DOB, length and weight, is included in the price of the display rental. This memory will last much longer than a floral arrangement and there is no risk of allergens!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our flock of pink flamingos flew from Largo to North Tampa, Florida for a birthday lawn greeting surprise - Avila - Birthday Lawn Signs

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 sent a flock of 70 pink flamingos to a North Tampa neighborhood this morning to surprise the recipient for his birthday. Flamingos were placed in the yard, the flower beds, up and down the circular driveway and more. Happy Birthday Harold!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

80th Birthday Gag Gift - Seminole, Florida - Birthday Lawn Signs

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 sends hugs and kisses with pigs and hearts on the recipient's front lawn. What a great gag gift for any age!!!


Birthday Lawn Greetings - Dunedin, Florida - Once again *Pink Flamingos* are the critter of choice

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 visited Dunedin, Florida really really early to surprise Frankie for her 65th birthday!!! We placed 65 *pink flamingos* in her yard. She loved them!!! Reserve your lawn display today!!!


*Pink Flamingos* - Birthday Lawn Greetings - Clearwater, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 flocked and surprised an unsuspecting recipient. She was so thrilled she wanted to know if there are other companies in the nation who do what we do. We told her that we are a member of the International Lawn Greetings Assoc. ILGA. Go to the links page on our website and find a directory that will help you find a Lawn Greetings and / or Stork rental company in your area!!


Happy New Year - Largo, Florida - *Birthday Lawn Greetings*

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 wishes a Happy New Year to our wonderful customers and to all potential customers. If you have not flocked someone, make 2009 the year for it!!! Many people are going in together and flocking friends for their 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays and more!!! Want to welcome a new baby? Call Flock-n-Surprise for storks and baby bottles. Getting married? Flock-n-Surprise can welcome home the bride and groom with hearts and a "Just Married" sign. If you tell us the occasion, Flock-n-Surprise has a lawn greetings display for you. We have a friendly and honest staff who delight in your special occasion. Instead of a card, surprise 'em in the yard!!! Call today. www.flocknsurprise.com

These are just a few of the lawn display critters we offer. Most of them we've made in our own back yard.

Birthday Lawn Greetings for the New Year -Largo, Florida - 727-687-8111

HOLY COW!!! Happy Birthday Signs!!! Hope your birthday is udderly fantastic. www.flocknsurprise.com

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