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We love our lawn greetings / yard cards business. It is so much fun surprising people for their birthdays or other special occasions or welcoming home a new baby. Give us a call at 727-687-8111. Instead of a card, let Flock-n-Surprise SURPRISE 'em in the Yard!! "Like" and SHARE our FACEBOOK page


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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

60 Pink Flamingos for 60th Birthday Surprise Lawn Greeting - Clearwater, Florida

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE 727-687-8111 made another appearance in a yard in Clearwater, Florida to wish this recipient a Happy 60th Birthday. She awakened to 60 plastic pink flamingos all over the front lawn!!! Great Gotcha! Great Gag!!!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Sixteen (16) - Sweet Cupcake Lawn Greeting / Yard Card / Birthday Decorations - Seminole, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 sets up the sweetest of all sweet sixteen lawn greetings in Seminole, Florida. Cupcakes and candles - TOO CUTE.


Cool Pink Flamingos - Lawn Greeting - Yard Card - Lawn Ornament - Birthday Decorations - Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 had so much fun picking up this display. We got to meet Dave and his friends who ordered the lawn greeting. What a fun bunch of people. I wanted to stop working and go party with them!!! That's why I love this job.....the surprises, the sneaking, the PEOPLE!!!!


Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments / Lawn Greetings / Yard Cards - Palm Harbor, Florida

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111. www.flocknsurprise.com

We sneak into yards and set up SURPRISES for your special someone!!! Lots to choose from, including Pink flamingos, cows, skunks, chickens, beer mugs, frogs, cupcakes and MORE!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

St. Petersburg - Yacht Club Estates - Happy 60th Birthday - Traffic Signs - Stop Getting Old Lawn Greeting

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE 727-687-8111 sets up lawn greetings for special occasions. Visit our website at www.flocknsurprise.com

This particular traffic sign lawn greeting would be especially funny if given to a recipient who is a bad driver!!!! Hilarious!!!


This business ROCKS!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Red, White, Blue - All American Welcome Home - Largo, Florida - Stars and Stripes - We Support Our Troops

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 supports our troops and loves to welcome home a real American hero!!!!


Welcome Home your All American with a Stars and Stripes Lawn Greeting from FLock-n-Surprise!!!

Holy Cow - He's 40 Now!!! Cow Lawn Ornaments in Belleair, Florida - Birthday Party Decorations

Flock-n-Surprise set up the cow display....this time combining the 3D and 2D cows to make a really dramatic HOLY COW lawn greeting!!


Pink Flamingos - Happy 40th Birthday Gag Gift in Belleair, Florida - Lawn Ornaments - Party Decorations

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 set up 40 plastic pink flamingos for someone's 40th birthday in Belleair, Florida.

Wouldn't you like to FLOCK someone??


Buzzards in Palm Harbor, Florida - Another 50th Birthday Gag - Lawn Ornaments - Party Decorations - Lawn Greetings

Flock-n-Surprise 727-687-8111 set up the buzzards and road signs for the boss' 50th birthday gag!!! Who would you like to surprise with a birthday lawn greeting??

visit us at www.flocknsurprise.com

Thursday, September 3, 2009

STOP GETTING OLD - Birthday Gag Gift - Largo, Florida

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE 727-687-8111 offers birthday lawn greeting GAG gifts for any birthday!! Instead of a card, Surprise 'em in the yard!!! The entire neighborhood loves it!!!

VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.flocknsurprise.com

We have displays for any occasion!!!

HOGS and KISSES - Birthday Lawn Greetings - Dunedin, Florida - Birthday Yard Decorations - Lawn Ornaments

FLOCK-N-SURPRISE 727-687-8111 is hired to sneak into the recipient's yard under the cover of darkness and set up a lawn greeting / yard card. What a surprise when the recipient wakes up the next morning to find a yard full of critters announcing a special occasion. We have different themes for different occasions, including 21st birthday, 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday, baby announcements, anniversaries and more!!!

This particular "Hogs and Kisses" lawn greeting was set up in Dunedin, Florida.

VISIT US AT www.flocknsurprise.com

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